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Let us help you create your world of tomorrow, with a new Web site today

With a deep understanding of the design methods which motivate potential customers to pick up the phone or send an email requesting additional information, SIXAXIS can help your organization realize the full potential of the Web as a sales medium.
Using the most advanced 2D and 3D design tools available, the visual interface for your web site is built before even one line of HTML is written. This ensures the highest level of control over a layout and the greatest possible uniformity of code. Website Development: We keep in mind that in the long run, a website's sustained success depends on:
Content: Extensive and consistently up to date content is of foremost importance for a site to remain relevant and well-received. Systematic, simple and structured design - so that the information is easy to grasp. Designing with the target audience in mind.
Web Programming: SIXAXIS creative vision and web advertising expertise is backed by an incredible ability to spin software logic capable of driving even the most complex, mission critical web sites. Our Programming staff is fully capable and will weave magic with HTML, J2EE, ASP, Dot Net, PHP and other languages to make certain that your website is equipped with the latest and greatest Internet Technologies.
Team: Our team consists of individuals who share a passion for the web and making the most of its vast potential. The cohesiveness of our team approach is evident in maintaining an optimum level in meeting client needs. We are the new webmaster in town, which starting right now will make it easy every step of the way for you to build your business on-line & off-line. Contact us for a new site or re designing an existing site.

Design & Develop a new Website or Redesigning/developing an existing site:

Creative (One time Design Cost):
Rs. 3,500 basic to
Rs. 15,000+ professional
Per Page / link cost:
Rs. 500 to Rs. 1,500
Add FLASH animated text effects on webpage:
Depending on complexity: Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 3,500 each
Background music on site with controls on each page:
Rs. 5,500 extra.
Logo / letterhead / business card Designing:
Rs. 2,500
Customized Web Stats / Traffic Details
Rs. 5,000 per year


Login/Content Management System (CMS)
Creative (One time Design Cost):
Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 2, 50,000

Web Hosting

Hosting is basically renting of disk space and other resources and facilities on a web server. So just like rental apartments come in different shapes and sizes, to meet various levels of requirements - so do web hosting services - and each of them serves a purpose. We assist you in domain name registration, procuring web server space for hosting; provide dedicated IP, DNS mapping, etc., based on your requirement. Kindly note that SIXAXIS does not provide Hosting/email services. SIXAXIS is in no ways responsible for Email/hosting/server conditions. We are merely providing a service and will represent you with the hosting company.
Hosting for a new website or an existing site:
Windows Hosting:
2GB Server Space
Dedicated IP
Control Panel
5 email ids
Rs. 999/- per year.

Register a Domain name:
Domain name
Rs. 500 per year.

Web Promotion

Most websites on the Internet are tiny needles in a giant haystack, and their existence is of almost no use, without proper promotion. We carry out extensive promotion with a good understanding of the Internet medium and community as a whole and with awareness of the target audience. We are masters in the dark art of increasing targeted web site traffic from search engines to a web site, through proper copywriting, meta tags coding and content structuring.
We organize an email promotion exercise whereby we promote your organization/company to target audience. We undertake the procedure of sending richly designed, customized email fliers, advertising your message/cause to all your clients, associates and friends using your existing email database. To add to that, you get the advantage of using our broad email database and send your message across to a much wider spectrum.

Internet marketing of a new or existing site:

Rs. 3,500 - Only inclusion. Every six months.
Rs. 7,500 Regular - every six months
Rs. 15,500 Advanced - every six months
Rs. 30,000+ Professional - every six months

Email promotion of a new or existing site:
Rs. 20,000 Design/coding, plus Re. 10 per email.

Website Maintenance

The sustained success of a website requires sustained commitment. This also reflects the attitude of organization and people behind the website. This implies regular maintenance. Our special maintenance services include:
Updating of the website at the frequency its subject matter and service demands
Analysis of the web statistics and responses it generates Restructuring, if a requirement is perceived, after the above analysis
Maintenance plans are tailored to fit your exact needs so you only pay for what you need. Updating your site is as easy as a simple email and most changes are completed within 24 hours. Special updating times can be arranged to ensure the least amount of inconvenience for your customers. Other web maintenance services include:
Keeping Content Fresh
Using information provided by your staff we add new data or edit existing data on your web site. This content may include product information, job opportunities, company information, staffing changes, contact or address changes, press releases, etc... If your company has any web presence at all, it is important to keep your online image update-to-date with the most current information.
Site Management and Stats
Using state-of-the-art site management tools we can monitor your site and can make changes that may improve your site performance. We can also provide "user" information such as where your visitors are coming from, how many there are and what they look at while visiting your site.
Maintenance / Updating of a new or existing site:
Rs. 3,000 per month to Rs. 10,000 per month.
Or Rs. 300 per page/link Static page.
Addition of new page Design / link: Rs. 500 each.

75% advance by cheque payable at Bangalore and rest against delivery.
For maintenance / Updating: 100% advance.
For International payments, kindly use our Axis Swift Code for transfers.
Advance received on at time of proposal acceptance will not be refundable in case of cancellation of the project.
Any changes, redesign, mistakes or modifications in the project after design approval stage will be charged extra.
SIXAXIS had tied up with one of India's leading hosting company. However, we are in no ways responsible for Email / hosting / server conditions / uptime etc. We are merely providing a service and will represent you with the hosting company.
SIXAXIS is not responsible for guaranteed search engine submissions/listings as policies, internal page ranks, keyword competition, etc., depend on and differ from one search Engine Company to another.
Delivery to be scheduled. Usually 15 to 45 days.

SIXAXIS PROFILE: We've designed, developed, and continue to maintain several award-winning web sites. Although the majority of our projects have been websites, we also happen to be one of India's leading customized Screen Savers and Screen Mates development firms. 

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